Laboratory Investigations in Microbiology

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Laboratory Investigations in Microbiology

Josť de Ondarza, Ph.D.


Lab calendar
Preface Introduction
General Techniques
Chapter 1 Contamination
Chapter 2 Aseptic transfer techniques
Chapter 3 Microscopy
Chapter 4 Simple staining  
Chapter 5 Differential staining 
Chapter 6 Bacterial structure
Chapter 7 Culture techniques
Chapter 8 Culture media
Bacterial Growth and movement
Chapter 9 Bacterial growth curve
Chapter 10 Biofilm
Chapter 11 Effect of oxygen on bacterial growth
Chapter 12 Effect of environmental variables on growth
Chapter 13 Effect of radiation on microbial growth
Chapter 14 Control of bacterial growth: Antibiotics
Chapter 15 Bacterial motility
Chapter 16 Metabolism 1: hydrolysis of macromolecules 
Chapter 17 Metabolism 2: respiratory pathways
Chapter 18 Metabolism 3: fermentation 
Chapter 19 Metabolism 4: special enzymes
Applied Microbiology
Chapter 20 Microbial genetics I: control of gene expression
Chapter 21 Microbial genetics II: Mutation  
Chapter 22 Environmental sampling
Chapter 23 Viruses 
Chapter 24 Human microbiology 
Chapter 25 Hand washing
Chapter 26 Water testing 
Chapter 27 Food safety: Bacterial food counts 
Chapter 28 Milk Microbiology
Chapter 29 Food production: Making Yogurt
Lab Projects and Assignments
Chapter 30 Lab Skills Test
Chapter 31 Unknown Identification 
Chapter 32 Lab Practicum
Chapter 33 Writing a Laboratory Report
Chapter 34 Lab Exam
Chapter 35 Lab Notebook
Chapter 36 Lab Contests and Awards
Chapter 37 Mystery Microbe  
App. A Lab Safety & Rules
App. B Lab Tour: Equipment
App. C Unknown ID Table of Bacteria (Excel)
App. D Bacterial colony and Gram stain gallery  
App. E Software  


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