Laboratory Investigations in Microbiology

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Laboratory Investigations in Microbiology

Josť de Ondarza, Ph.D.


Lab calendar
Preface Introduction
General Techniques
Chapter 1 Contamination
Chapter 2 Aseptic transfer techniques
Chapter 3 Microscopy
Chapter 4 Simple staining  
Chapter 5 Differential staining 
Chapter 6 Bacterial structure
Chapter 7 Culture techniques
Chapter 8 Culture media
Bacterial Growth and movement
Chapter 9 Bacterial growth curve
Chapter 10 Biofilm
Chapter 11 Effect of oxygen on bacterial growth
Chapter 12 Effect of environmental variables on growth
Chapter 13 Control of bacterial growth: Antibiotics I
Chapter 14 Control of bacterial growth: disinfectants
Chapter 15 Bacterial motility
Chapter 16 Metabolism 1: hydrolysis of macromolecules 
Chapter 17 Metabolism 2: respiratory pathways
Chapter 18 Metabolism 3: fermentation 
Chapter 19 Metabolism 4: special enzymes
Applied Microbiology
Chapter 20 Microbial genetics I: control of gene expression
Chapter 21 Microbial genetics II: Mutation  
Chapter 22 Environmental sampling
Chapter 23 Viruses 
Chapter 24 Human microbiology 
Chapter 25 Hand washing
Chapter 26 Water testing 
Chapter 27 Food safety: Bacterial food counts 
Chapter 28 Milk Microbiology
Chapter 29 Food production: Making Yogurt
Lab Projects and Assignments
Chapter 30 Lab Skills Test
Chapter 31 Unknown Identification 
Chapter 32 Lab Practicum
Chapter 33 Writing a Laboratory Report
Chapter 34 Lab Exam
Chapter 35 Lab Notebook
Chapter 36 Lab Contests and Awards
App. A Lab Safety & Rules
App. B Lab Tour: Equipment
App. C Unknown ID Table of Bacteria (Excel)
App. D Bacterial colony and Gram stain gallery  
App. E Software  


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