Laboratory Investigations in Microbiology

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Chapter 34: Lab Exam

The first half of this course covers basic microbiology techniques, such as microscopy, staining, aseptic technique, culturing, biochemical tests and unknown identification. These skills and techniques are evaluated through the skills test, lab practicum and unknown ID exercise. The second half of the microbiology semester will cover many applied topics, such as food safety, water quality, food production, human microbiology, viruses, soil and environmental biology, etc. These areas make use of the techniques we learned in the first half of the semester. You will maintain a lab notebook throughout the semester. Your understanding of these applied microbiological principles (Chapters 13, 20 - 29) will also be evaluated via a lab exam.

  1. The format of the exam will be 20 - 25 multiple-choice questions
The exam will be based on data, review questions and discussions for Chapters 13 & 20 - 29.


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