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News in Medical Technology/Cytotechnology

March 16, 2006. Anthrax patient recovering at Robert Packer Hospital 

In the last few weeks, news outlets have been reporting about a rare case of naturally-contracted anthrax. The patient, a 44-year old male, is a drum maker and had contracted anthrax by inhaling spores from contaminated hides he was using for his drums. The diagnosis was made at Robert Packer Hospital (Sayre, PA), where Medical Technologists tested for and detected anthrax. Of interest is that Robert Packer Hospital is also an internship site for our Medical Technology Program, and had a SUNY Plattsburgh student complete their program in 2004. Imagine the opportunities you may encounter as a Medical Technologist! 

March 25, 2003. Medical Technology and Cytotechnology students awarded CVPH Medical Center Foundation Fund scholarships.

Five SUNY Plattsburgh students majoring in Medical Technology or Cytotechnology were awarded $300 each in scholarship money to purchase textbooks in their major field of study. These awards are given by the CVPH Medical Center Foundation Fund.  These funds were provided to the Foundation by the Clinton County Legislature as part of the Tobacco Settlement. Congratulations to Daniele Michaud (MT), Shonelle Cato (MT), Gladys James (MT), Bernicia Etienne (MT) and Sara Wood (CT).

March 11, 2003. Cytotechnology student receives scholarship. 

Katie Diegelman, a Cytotechnology major completing her clinical internship year at SUNY Upstate Medical University, has received a $2000 scholarship from the Scholarship Foundation of NY for her studies. Congratulations!

August 30, 2001. Cytotechnology Major approved

The new major (B.S. in Cytotechnology) has just been approved by SUNY Central Administration in Albany and by the State Department of Education. Students can now officially register for this new major. More info: SUNY Plattsburgh News Release

May 22, 2001: House of Representatives proposes Remedies for Shortage of Medical Laboratory Professionals

A bill entitled "Medical Laboratory Personnel Shortage Act of 2001" (HR1948) was introduced to the House of Representatives. This bill proposes, among others, to extend existing scholarship and loan-repayment programs to include students pursuing careers in the Medical Laboratory (including Medical Technologists and Cytotechnologists). More info (type in HR1948 in the search box)

Questions about MT? Ask our graduates!

We have made efforts to remain in contact with recent graduates from the MT program here at Plattsburgh State, and some of our graduates have indicated a willingness to serve as a resource for those thinking about Medical Technology as a major. Please check our Graduates & Interns page for contact information.

MT Job Shadowing Opportunity

March 3, 2000. In cooperation with Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital, Plattsburgh State's Medical Technology program now offers an opportunity to job-shadow an MT at CVPH to our Medical Technology students.  Prerequisite: Biology 203 (Microbiology).  Please contact me by email or by phone at 564-5156 if you are interested. 

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