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What is a Medical Technologist?

Medical Technologists (MT) are clinical professionals working in hospitals, puIsolation Room for Mycobacterium tuberculosisblic or private laboratories, or other health science-related institutions.  They hold at least a baccalaureate degree (B.S.), usually from a NAACLS-accredited MT program, and have passed a national certification exam - the MT(ASCP) Exam.  MTs are, in other words, highly skilled professionals who are responsible for performing critical laboratory tests and reporting their results to pathologists and other doctors.  These test results greatly influence the treatment a patient will receive.

An MT will work in areas such as Blood Banking, Urinalysis, Hematology (Clinical Microbiologyanalyzing and describing blood cells; coagulation), Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology, and Clinical Microscopy.   As such, important diagnostic tests and procedures are performed, often with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, and the test results passed on to the attending pathologist or physician.  Another area in which many MTs find themselves is Laboratory Management; for this reason, coursework in business or management is a plus!

The job market for MTs can best be described as "very bright" .  ReClinical Chemistrycent interns at one of our affiliated hospitals all had more than one job offer, and all were hired even before their graduation at the end of the internship year!  Starting salaries average in the $35,000 range for a new graduate.  Some MTs go on to specialize in one of several areas of MT (Blood banking,, Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology), or obtain their Laboratory Management Diplomate (DLM).  Others return to school for graduate degrees.

Is Medical Technology for you?  Consider this..... There is currently a NATIONALBlood Banking shortage of board-certified Medical Technologists, a situation that is likely to worsen in the short run. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that just over 4000 graduates will enter the job market in the next 8 years, a shortfall of 200% of the expected demand (AMT)!! Consequently, starting salaries are rising steadily ( ~ $35,000). [Link to the AMA's Salary page]. Most Med Tech graduates have had multiple job offers by the time they finished their program!  Medical Technologists are highly trained professionals with employment opportunities in industry (Avon, Kodak, Westinghouse) and in hospitals.  

For more information about various Clinical Laboratory Science professions, please visit the NAACLS web site, the American Medical Association's Allied Health Pages, or the ASCP links below.Urinalysis

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