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Choosing an Internship Site: Points to consider

Many factors go into selecting your preferred internship hospital, including geography, cost, admission criteria, and reputation.  Although your professors and advisor can be much help in this process, the decision is ultimately yours to make.  To help you in making such a decision, here are some aspects to consider:

Tuition & Fees (subject to change):

Number of Internship positions available*

* Admission is competitive among students from several colleges. Admission is not guaranteed.

Application Deadline*

     I strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible, even if the deadline is not until next year.  many programs fill up earlier than the deadline. Applying in September or October is not too early!

Approx. Program dates

Financial Aid 

Plattsburgh State students: Since you are still considered to be a Plattsburgh student during your internship, you may be eligible for continued financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office.


Housing/Room & Board

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