The Rules

  1. The goal of the game is to be the last survivor.
  2. At the beginning of the game, every student is assigned to one of 4 teams.
  3. For the first 7-8 'episodes', teams compete against each other for "immunity"
  4. Contests will test understanding of the past week's lecture topics
  5. The winning team of each episode's contest gets to relax for another week
  6. The losing teams of an episode will each lose (eliminate) one player
  7. Players can win 'medicine' to protect them, based on their quiz scores on Moodle
  8. Elimination contests
    1. Members of each "losing" team compete against each other. The strongest survive, and the weakest player will be eliminated
    2. During the contest (game), players contract diseases and attempt to fight off infections with prevention and treatment cards. Survival will be determined by the virulence of each particular disease, combined with the effectiveness of any antimicrobial medication (if available)
  9. After 7 - 10 episodes, the remaining players will be pooled together into one new team
  10. Contests will now  be conducted between all survivors
  11. The weekly quiz contest winner gets immunity for the day
  12. Other players can compete for medicines
  13. At the end of each week, two players will be eliminated as described above

Detailed rules: Survivor contest #1

  1. Your quiz score determines how many treatment cards you start with:
  2. Each player draws 3disease cards.
  3. If you are able to prevent or treat an infection with a treatment card, you get rid of that card. Turn in both the disease card and treatment card
  4. add up the sickness points (virulence score) of your remaining cards
  5. If a player has 10 or more points, he/she is eliminated. If two players have 10 or more points, the player with the highest score is eliminated. If they are tied, each player receives a new disease card. If you cannot treat/prevent the infection, add the points to your existing score. Repeat until one player is eliminated.
  6. If all players have < 10 points, players go to the elimination game
    1. Version A: Game board.
      1. Each player draws at random a number. The player with #1 begins at space #1. Roll the die, move your game piece, and follow the instructions on the space you arrive at.
      2. The player with the next number goes next and starts at space #2.
      3. Repeat for each player. Once every player has started, proceed in order, returning to player #1, then 2 etc.
      4. The game ends as soon as one player reaches or exceeds 10 points.
      5. Zombies: During each contest, one or more members of Team Morgue may be invited to participate as zombies. They will have the option to spread diseases to other players, but they can no longer die.
    2. Version B: Quick game
      1. The player with the highest point total draws a new disease card. If he/she has the appropriate treatment card, he/she can get rid of the new infection. Otherwise, add the new sickness points to your total.
      2. Continue in order with the next player (next highest number) etc.
      3. The game ends as soon as one player reaches or exceeds 10 points.