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Additional Reading

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Contagion (Robin Cook)

This book can be purchased inexpensively through, eBay, or Barnes & Noble. I would ask that everyone will have read the book prior to the first exam. Although fictional, this book illustrates several interesting infectious disease cases and is hopefully an enjoyable read.


  1. What is a nosocomial infection? Why was Mr. Nodelman's infection first thought to be nosocomial?
  2. Explain what signs led Jack to propose plague as the possible cause of Mr. Nodelman's death?
  3. What other infectious agents were proposed as a possibility for his disease? What pathological observation led to these agents?
  4. Of what diseases did the other patients in this book die?
  5. For each of the diseases (Mr. Nodelman, Susanne Hard, Donald Lagenthorpe, Carlo Pacini, Kevin Carpenter) what is/are the:
  6. What is epidemiology? What is an index case?

Other infectious disease readings

On-line articles and selected readings

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