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Total nail destruction due to fungal infectionTinea Pedis - fugal infections of the foot | Durban Skin DoctorRingworm (Tinea)


Ringworm is a cutaneous mycosis, also called Tinea. Specific names for each depend on the body location. Tinea capitis occurs on the scalp, Tinea pedis (Athlete's foot) on the feet, Tinea cruris (Jock itch) in the groin, Tinea corporis on body surfaces and Tinea unguinum in nail beds. Fungi from 3 genera are responsible for ringworm: Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, and Microsporum. Transmission can occur from environmental sources (geophilic), animals (zoophilic) or people (anthropophilic). The infection is easily treatable and causes only local inflammation; itching is the main symptom.