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Biology 203 - Microbiology

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We will be using a classroom response system called Turning Point, which works via radio frequency (RF) receivers and transmitters. The transmitters (aka CLICKERS) are like tiny remote controls with a 12-button keypad. You will be able to check out your own clicker from the library's Computing & Media Services desk (1st floor, Feinberg Library) at the beginning of the semester. Please take good care of your clickers, as you will be responsible for returning it to the library in good, working condition or be charged a replacement & processing fee of $50! You can also purchase your own clicker for $10 - 20 via sites such as eBay. (The clickers will have either the TurningPoint logo or the Responsive Innovations (RI) logo, and the term "ResponseCard RF"). After you have received your clicker, please enter the 6-character code from the back of the clicker on this web page.

My clicker number is:

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Bio 203 Clicker Numbers

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