Comparison of metabolism

Aerobic Respiration
C source C waste e- acceptor e- waste Example
Glucose CO2 O2 H2O Micrococcus
Anaerobic Respiration
Glucose CO2 NO3 NO2 E. coli
NO2 N2, N2O Pseudomonas
NO2 NH4 Clostridium
SO3 S, H2S Desulfovibrio
S H2S Desulfotobacter
Fe3+ Fe2+ Geobacter
CO2 CH4 Methanococcus
Glucose Lactic acid pyruvate Lactic acid Streptococcus
Ethanol + CO2 Ethanol + CO2 Yeast
Acetate + CO2 Acetate + CO2 E. coli
Formate + CO2 + H2 Formate + CO2 + H2 E. coli
Propionate + CO2 Propionate + CO2 Propionibacter
Butanediol + CO2 Butanediol + CO2 Enterobacter
CO2 N/A O2 H2O

Names of the pathways

Electron Transport

Patterns of Nutrition - review

Chemoheterotrophs (E. coli):

Lithoautotrophs (Nitrobacter):

Photoautotrophs (Nostoc, Chlorobium):

Photoheterotrophs (Rhodobacter):