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Pseudomonas - scanning EM                P. aeruginosa colony

What you should know:

Pseudomonads are aerobic Gram-negative rods common in soils. Most strains are oxidase-positive and utilize the Entner - Doudoroff pathway in place of glycolysis.  In soils, some strains contribute to denitrification (P. denitrificans), while other strains can be pathogenic in humans (e.g. P. aeruginosa in burn wounds). Many produce fluorescent pigments.


 Domain Bacteria

    Phylum Proteobacteria 

        Class γ - Proteobacteria 

Bergey's Manual Volume 2: The Proteobacteria

Type species

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Obligate aerobe, respiratory metabolism, oxidase-positive, fermentation-negative (uses glucose aerobically), reduces nitrate to nitrite or nitrogen (denitrification), casease-positive, catalase-positive, H2S-negative, indole-negative, motile, amylase-negative, DNAse-negative