Diversity of Life

The Eukaryotes: Protozoa, Algae, Fungi

  1. The Protozoa
    1. Single-celled, often very complex
    2. No cell wall, no chloroplasts
    3. Typically, they ingest their food
    4. Nutrition: heterotrophic
    5. Reproduction: Asexual or sexual (conjugation)
    6. Most are motile (cilia, flagella, pseudopods)
    7. Examples of protozoa
  2. The Algae
    1. Single-celled or multi-celled
    2. Cell walls (cellulose) and chloroplasts are present
    3. Nutrition: Phototrophic
    4. They typically absorb their nutrients
    5. Reproduction: sexual or asexual
    6. Many are motile by means of flagella
    7. Examples / Uses of algae
  3. The Fungi
    1. Most are filamentous: Hyphae
    2. Fungi reproduce via spores
    3. Cell walls (chitin) but no chloroplasts
    4. Nutrition: heterotrophic (often decomposers)
    5. Typically they absorb their food
    6. Reproduction: sexual and asexual
    7. Examples of fungi
  4. Symbiotic fungi:
  5. Where do these fit in?